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Who are we?
and what do we do?
Historic Traders are specialists who have chosen to work with Living History and re-enactment events. Many of them are also skilled craftsmen, and make the goods they sell themselves. For most traders this is not simply a hobby. They are professionals who have invested a great deal of time and capital in their equipment and presentation. Many of them are international experts in their field, and are highly sought after by history programs such as “Time Team”. It is important that organisers do not undervalue the expertise that Historic Traders bring with them
The traders make a large contribution to the attraction of an event and many of them are prepared to demonstrate their skills . However, that will limit their ability to sell their wares. If you want a trader to spend time giving talks, and generally entertaining and educating the public then they will expect to be paid, or at the very least to be given a free stall. There is a growing demand for our presence at events and in order to attract the best traders an organiser has to make us the best offer.
The same applies to film and TV. companies. Few traders now consider it prestigious to be involved in a particular event or production, and we are very wary of being used as un-paid extras.
Alchemists, Apothecaries,
Ale house keepers,  Archery suppliers, Artists, Armourers, Astrologers, Basket makers, Blacksmiths, Book binders, Book sellers, Boot makers, Bowyers, Calligraphers, Candle makers, Carpenters, Carvers, Cloth sellers, Cobblers, Costumiers, Drapers, Dyers, Flag makers, Fletchers, Glass makers, Gunsmiths Haberdashers, Hatters, Herbalists, Incense traders,  Ironmongers, Jewellers,
Leather workers, Metal workers, Moneyers, Musical instrument makers, Mystics, Perfumieres,  Potters, Rope makers,  Seamstresses, Scribes, Tailors, Tent makers, Tilers,
Toy makers, Vintners, Weavers, Woodworkers
-and much much more...