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Time Warp

History Fayre

The “Time Warp” History Fayre was a Virtual Reality event. This meant that we were available 24 hours a day, everyday of the year and it NEVER rained or flooded.

However, we have now had to close down, at least for the present. However, it is possible that a greatly improved version of the site could be launched at some point This would include a full real-time statistical analysis of the response to each participating trader.

In the meantime, “Second Life” continues to grow and flourish, with or without us, and all ideas for the future of this project will be gratefully received.

Virtual worlds like “Second Life” are a fast growing section of the internet and are widely used by international business concerns to promote and test their products.

At any one time there can be between 30-50000 “residents” on-line. Our site was being promoted

as being “Where the Past collides with the Present and the Future” and could be an ideal place for any trader to advertise their goods as the people who are visiting it are from all areas of the world and many of them are already involved in Re-enactment, SCA, LARP etc.

In order to experience Second Life, you have to download the appropriate (free) software and become a member. You can sign up for a free basic account at http://secondlife.com and then follow the familiarisation process until you are able to reach the “mainland”.

Please note, for this to work efficiently you

need to be able to connect to broadband,

preferably not through a wireless connection.

See the technical specifications required

when signing up


This is an opportunity to reach a massive international market.

If you are interested in having a stall and selling either real live or virtual goods then please contact pete@petegreen.co.uk

Once you are familiar with Second Life, you can send a notecard or IM to the inworld Event Manager, Scentaur Maximus.

The way it works is very simple. Residents explore the whole of the 3D virtual world, and drop in on places which attract their attention. SL traders sell virtual goods using the SL currency of Linden Dollars. However if the customer is interested in buying Real Life goods from a trader, then they click on a link. That then takes then to the trader’s website, where they can buy or order goods in the “normal” way, using real money. The fee a trader would pay would be based on the number of “clicks” they receive.