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Thinking of becoming an
Historic Trader?
There are many reasons why people decide to become Historic Traders. Sometimes it is because they are
already involved in re-enactment, enjoy the life, and want to be involved in more events than those attended by  their normal group.
Sometimes it is because they have a particular skill in making equipment etc, and want to have an open market in which to sell their goods.
Some traders started by trading at other types of event, and were then drawn into the fascinating, but surreal world of re-enactment and living history. We all have our own motives and inspiration.
Some Questions and Answers.
Can anyone become an Historic Trader?
The answer to that is YES!  We come from all backgrounds and all educational levels, and no-one is going to ask you any questions about your past. In turn, you take us as you find us.

What can I sell?
The basic principle is that whatever is on your stall should have some connection to the nature of the event. Thus it would not be appropriate to sell car stereos at a mediaeval market. Some organisers will provide you with a list of prohibited items. Some organisers will also limit the number of stalls sellling similar products -so the more unique your goods are, the more likely you are to succeed.

What is my first step?
Firstly look at our pages on Types of Event and Different ways to Trade. Only you can choose what time period you wish to work with, and how you are going to present yourself.
However, a good standard of presentation,costume, tentage etc will firstly help sales and secondly help you to be recognised as a serious trader. Most organisers allocate the best pitches to whoever they consider to be the most visually attractive and appropriate stalls -after all they are trying to create a good impression for their visitors.

Where can I buy a stall?
Firstly you could always consider making one yourself. But PLEASE be careful to use materials that are authentic as possible, as anything that looks remotely modern will be very obviously out of place. Standards of presentation are now very high.
Secondly you could visit www.livinghistory.co.uk and either look on the “for sale” page, or post a request. Or thirdly you could try our own FOR SALE section. If you are a NMTF member you can also ask to have a request posted there as well.

How do I get a place on a market?
Simply send an email (or an old fashioned letter) to an organiser stating clearly what you want to sell, and describing your stall etc. If possible a photograph of your set-up helps a lot.