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Join us?
The advantage of being a member of our branch is that there is very likely to be a committee member at practically any event you happen to be working on, and when issues do arise they can usually be tackled on the spot. And as fellow traders we all understand exactly the sort of problems that do occur in the middle of a field!
The NMTF membership fee for 2005 is £66 for a single trader, £99 for dual membership.  For that you get £5 million Public Liability insurance, plus product liability (including on items that you've made yourself), employers liability -and insurance against the costs of being investigated by the Inland Revenue!!!! Plus immediate clout and representation when things go wrong for you on an event. Which fortunately they very rarely do.

If you are considering whether to start trading on re-enactment and living history events, then our notes on “Thinking of becoming a Trader” might help you make your mind up. And if you are already trading as a member of the NMTF, then all you have to do is ask Head Office to transfer your membership to our branch.

If you are planning to join the NMTF for the first time, then if you phone 0800 592225 (this is a Freephone number) and one of the office secretaries will tell you the details and send you a form.

More information can be obtained from the NMTF website,  www.nmtf.co.uk

As a Historic Trader, you also have access to our Members Forum and Calendar which are Yahoo groups maintained by Dave Hewitt. If you are not sure about the process of joining Yahoo, email Dave on history_alive_ltd@yahoo.co.uk

Welcome aboard!
As Historic Traders we are in fact a specialised branch of the National Market Traders Federation. To qualify for membership of our branch, you have to be an NMTF member specialising in trading at Historic Events and re-enactments (any period).