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Health & Safety
All traders who are members of the N.M.T.F are automatically covered for £5 million Public Liability, plus Employer’s Liability and Product Liability. Each member should carry with them an up to date membership card, which is their immediate proof of full insurance cover.
Exact details of insurance coverage can be obtained from the N.M.T.F head office. For your information the Product Liability also covers items made by the trader, including replica weapons.
Many of the trading tents are quite large and require substantial pegs, which may be 0.5 metres or more in length. It is essential for a trader to be able to “deep peg”, otherwise there is a danger that the stall or may collapse and injure someone, especially in windy conditions.
Traders will automatically assume that the area that they are directed to pitch on is suitable for the pegging required for their tent (ie that there are no underground cables etc and the area is not classified as archaeologically sensitive ground)
Please note that an 11.5 inch  peg will  only penetrate the ground to a depth of six inches.