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Guidelines for Organisers
Traders are usually the first people whom the public will meet when they arrive. We hear all, and see all.
We have noticed a pattern in the comments and complaints about events, and these guidelines simply reflect these views, and are not intended as a criticism of any one individual or organisation.
Please note the pages about Health and Safety and the Law
1)  DO keep the stalls as close together as possible. A market which straggles over a large area loses the “hustle and bustle” atmosphere. However you may need to check on your local health and safety and fire regulations as to exactly how close the stalls can be to each other.

2) DON’T plan long rows of stalls, unless they are lining a natural corridor which you expect the public to use. The most effective arrangement is the  “village green” layout with stalls surrounding a fixed feature i.e. a stage

3) DO allow the traders the freedom to chose their own site (within your guidelines). Some traders like to be well away from catering stalls and the beer tent, others prefer to be sited close to a trusted colleague who can look after the stall if needed.

4)  DO arrange to have fresh running water available nearby

5) DON’T put plastic and authentic stalls together. Always check that a trader is in the right category and has not misled you.

6) DO allow for considerable flexibility in your plan. The best markets evolve naturally as the traders arrive and set up where they feel comfortable. There is remarkably little commercial rivalry between Historic Traders, and they all instinctively seem to know that what is good for one is good for all.

7) AVOID amplified music and tannoy systems as far as possible. They are very irritating -and frequently unnecessary

8) DO please have someone permanently on site during the set-up period to OK each pitch. It will take a trader about 2 hours to set up, and if they are in the wrong place it is very difficult for them to then move. If it is absolutely essential that a trader should be moved to a different position then please arrange several strong helpers to assist them

9) DO seriously consider inviting a traders representative to assist in the planning of the market site and the Historic Traders branch of the N.M.T.F. will be happy to arrange for an experienced trader to be available for consultation. The ideal scenario would involve a preliminary site visit, in which case the representative would almost certainly wish to charge a fee to cover their expenses etc.

10) DO provide toilets for us! Traders do not have time to queue. To economise on facilities we would suggest that all disabled toilets are clearly labeled “For Disabled and Trader use ONLY”

11)  DO inform Traders of the location of your first aid facilities and fire points! If there is a problem on site, the chances are that the nearest “event” person will be a Trader.

12)  Do signpost your site adequately. Although you may know the layout plan -the public don’t and are often unable to find key attractions

13) NEVER ask a lone stall holder to leave their stall unattended

14)  And finally DON’T overcharge stall holders. They are an essential part of your event, and if they feel that your site fee is too high then they will simply go elsewhere. See Stall Charges