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Most traders are very flexible, and will be able to give an authentic presentation for more than one period. Also, of course, in the past costume evolved slowly and there is often an overlap between one period and the next.
types of Event
A) Re-enactment
B) Living History
C) Community festival
D) Children’s event
E) Commercial festival
A) A specific date or historic event
B) Pre-Roman
C) Roman (Imperial or Republican?)
D) Arthurian (Late Roman, Dark Age, or Mallory)
E) Viking / Celtic / Dark Age
F) Norman
G) Early Mediaeval
H) Late Mediaeval
I)  Tudor
J) Elizabethan
K) English Civil War
L) Restoration
M) Georgian
N) Napoleonic
0) Early Victorian
P) Late Victorian
Q) Edwardian
R) First World War
S) Between the Wars
T) Second World War
U) Multi-period
V) Other (ie Fantasy, Pirate,  Sci-fi, L.A.R.P. etc).
Some traders specialise in selling equipment etc. to other re-enactors, others see the general public as being their main customers. So in order to be able to decide whether or not to attend an event a trader will need to know the following:

1) What is the nature of the event?
2) What is the time period?
3) How many re-enactors are likely to be present?
4) How many of the public are likely to be present?
5) What facilities are available on site or nearby (ie catering outlets, beer tent, etc)?
6) Which other traders are likely to be present?
 7) Are dogs allowed?
8) And most importantly -is there a site fee, and if so how much?