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Attracting Traders
1) You can pay a stall holder to attend. This will be necessary if you are not expecting a very large number of the public, or if you want the stall holder to give a full “Living History” presentation or if you want to guarantee a good market. The amount will be negotiable, but will probably be in the region of £300 per day.

2) You can offer a free pitch. This as certainly one of the best methods, and many traders will give your event a try if it seems to them to be worth the risk. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the right traders of the right period, and a limited mail-shot plus word of mouth can be very unreliable. Also if the traders are not being paid and have not invested a site fee in advance, then they may well change their mind at the last minute.

3) You can charge a site fee and promise that there will be very large number of the public attending, (ie several thousand). However if the expected attendance does not happen, then you would be unlikely to see many traders at any future events! See next page for some idea of how much you should charge.

4) Email the details to events@historictraders.co.uk We will then post the details on this site, which will give them the information that they require to make an informed decision. That way you will know that all the most experienced traders available  have at least heard about your event -and if it looks like being a good one  
they will come